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The CAPITOL JOURNAL PODCAST provides extensive coverage of the Alabama Legislature from a studio inside the Alabama Statehouse. Don Dailey hosts the program, examining key issues and interviewing newsmakers. 

Oct 29, 2021

We discuss the start of a new special legislative session on redistricting with Reapportionment Committee co-chair, Rep. Chris Pringle of Mobile. We will also talk with Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton of Greensboro, a committee member and a plaintiff in a redistricting lawsuit. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle joins us to discuss how reapportionment will affect his area, which has seen tremendous growth. Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl of Athens talks with us about the GOP’s push for legislation against vaccine mandates. And State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris is with us to discuss the mandate pushback, new COVID booster shots and looming shots for young kids.