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The CAPITOL JOURNAL PODCAST provides extensive coverage of the Alabama Legislature from a studio inside the Alabama Statehouse. Don Dailey hosts the program, examining key issues and interviewing newsmakers. 

Oct 15, 2021

Sen. Kirk Hatcher of Montgomery joins us to discuss both the upcoming special legislative session on reapportionment and the state school board voting to codify its opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory. State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris will talk with us about more COVID booster shots that are coming. Alabama Sentencing Commission Executive Director Bennet Wright will join us to discuss the prison reform measure recently approved by lawmakers. Alabama League of Municipalities Executive Director Greg Cochran will talk with us about how the new prison construction plan will affect some cities and towns. And Rep. Tommy Hanes of Bryant will join us to discuss his pre-filed bill dealing with possible lawsuits over the president’s vaccine mandate.